This is How You Land Your Dream Job This 2023!

Finding a new job can be daunting, especially in today’s job market, where the fierce competition and the hiring process are often lengthy. However, with the right approach, you can increase your chances of landing your dream job in the media industry this 2023!   Start by identifying your strengths and skills. Before you can…

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What Goes Behind The Camera?

“Cut! Now, that’s a wrap!”   Have you ever wondered how your favorite TV show, let’s say FRIENDS, has come to be? Have you also ever wondered how the people in the post-production come up with this one-of-a-kind masterpiece? Once the camera flashes die down and all the spotlight starts to dim, that’s when the…

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Why should you pursue a career in TV production?

          Do you often find yourself wishing you could work in an industry where you can amaze people with your creative prowess and excellent organization skills simultaneously? (Yes! It’s possible to work using both!) Whether you are someone who has already set their heart in pursuing a career in TV production…

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13 years & counting – Newspaper columnist

Newspaper Columnist

I enjoy seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes | Cheryl Gibbs For over thirteen years, CEO, Cheryl Kingston (under her maiden name, Gibbs) has had a weekly newspaper column in The News in Portsmouth; the South Coast’s largest newspaper. She’s written a full page newspaper column every Friday which is a personality led column about.. well her…

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When I met Sly!

Expendables 3 Interview

‘I jumped off a Pier for you’ was pretty much how Cheryl started the conversation with Hollywood actor, Slyvester Stallone…Watch her full interview here. Having worked for the likes of MSN and ITN as a reporter, Producer and Presenter, Cheryl has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the broadcast and digital media sphere. Want to work…

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Freelancing in TV

Visionary Genius

Having freelanced for over fifteen years in broadcast, multimedia and digital, Cheryl Kingston has steered Media Meerkat to offer both permanent and freelance recruitment. Cheryls worked on countless documentaries, TV shows, series and short form content both here in the UK and overseas. If you’re interested in recruiting producers, directors, editors or production and post production staff,…

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