About Us

Who We Are

We live and breathe TV and Media Production and our talent pool is second to none…

We’re not just a niche recruitment agency, we’re micro-niche, which means we only specialise in recruiting a handful of roles and we’re proud of this. It makes us different and we like to stand out from the crowd. (No one puts baby in the corner, right?)


It also helps that Media Meerkat’s CEO, Cheryl Kingston’s background was in TV and Media – her last role was as the Development Producer and Director of TCB Media Rights 10 part travel series ‘ The World’s Most Incredible Hotels’ where she got to travel and film some of the best hotels in the most exotic locations around the world…She’s also worked in Print, Video and Online Media.

Utilising all that experience and all that industry know how, Cheryl has made it her mission to make Media Meerkat the best micro-niche agency for the industry.

Production, Post Production, Editing & Production Management Talent.